Fitness Corner

“If this is your year to get in shape
You’ll have to change things, you can’t escape
Eat kale for muscle and joint pain
Just in case you have some type of sprain
Try melon to boost your immune
Which will also help you stay in tune
Lime will provide skin and eye care
Which adds a little bit of flair
Coconut is good for a healthy heart
Topped with exercise, that would be smart.”

“From My Heart to Your Life”
Volume 1

“Fitness Goals: Keep it simple. Overthinking leads to underachieving. Start from GO. Keep tunnel vision until each goal is achieved; but remember to set obtainable goals.”

– Steve Bynum, Personal Trainer/Life Coach/Competitive BodyBuilder
CEO, ExFrame, LLC

ExFrame, LLC specializes in personal training, massage therapy and custom sea moss gel. For more information, click the link above or below.

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