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Pamela L. Crump

Authorpreneur | B.A., M.B.A

      Author Pamela L. Crump

Pam was born and raised on the eastside of the City of Detroit where she was educated in the Detroit Public Schools system.  She completeed her Bachelor of Arts degree in English at the University of Michigan and her Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Pam founded and oversees a nonprofit organization that provides social and educational services to the community.  She is an active member of her church and is currently employed in the government sector where she has worked for many, many years.

                     From My Heart

                                To Your Life

                                                 Volumes 1 & 2

                     A Collection of Poetry

Two powerful books of poetry that nourish, inform and inspire, trigger and define, enable and energize.  Each volume is a body of work accompanied by signature photographs to convey its true meaning.  May you feel my style and hear my my words as God blesses you through my words.